Why should I do a reset?

Stress ManTell me if any of this describes you right now:

Tired, distracted, a bit apathetic, stressed, unfocused, fat, bloated, achy, unattractive, burned out, unhappy, full of carbs, irregular, crash and burn, dragging, sleepy, irritable, angry, blue, depressed, anxious, poor attitude, critical, cranky, behind on everything, out of control, weak, out of breath, unsociable, people make me crazy, impossible to please, jealous, bitter, poor judgment, risky, just don’t care, need help!!

Do you realize that how you eat and care for yourself is impacting every single one of these things? If you are feeling any of this, doing a reset can be life-changing. I’m not talking about a crazy Hollywood style lemon juice, cayenne pepper, pooping for days kind of cleanse. I’m talking about a high nutrient, tender loving care kind of reset to refocus and change your life.

I am embarking on one beginning Wednesday May 6, 2015. Just like you, I know all the stuff – eat clean, don’t eat too much, cut out sugar, lift weights, do some interval training, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, drink lots of water, breathe, etc. Knowing it and doing it are two different things! One of the greatest tips I ever read was this – even coaches need coaches. Because I need to get myself out of it essentially, I need some coaching. So I am going to be doing a very specific, laid out plan and kit, called the Ultimate Reset. This is the same kit I used when I did this in July 2012 with outstanding results and refocus. It completely changed how I viewed food, cooking, exercise and caring for myself.

I will be blogging about my journey for the 21 days that are specific to the plan. If you would like to join me at any point in time, please let me know. I’m happy to pay it forward and coach you through it!


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