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Are you on a personal journey to get healthier and more fit? Do you love to help people?

If you said yes to both of these, then the next question is…

Have you ever considered doing what we do? 

We share, encourage, support and love people in many ways, but especially through their health and fitness journeys. That’s the foundation of what we do. We vividly remember when we started our own climb out of weight gain, stress and being out of shape. It was hard! And we have found the journey never ends when you are doing it right – you just keep challenging yourself and moving to the next level. That’s where we are now.

We both have regular jobs (you can read more about us here) and as individuals we have unique needs on the path to fitness, but one day we decided to do the famous P90X. That seemed to change everything for us. No transit time to the gym for 90 days? A workout that we could do at home, together?! We loved it and we both made tremendous progress. The workout met each thing on our fitness journey checklist – sound workouts, mentally and physically challenging, minimal space and equipment, nutrition guide based on whole, fresh, unprocessed food, support from a community of people…

That’s also the same time we started drinking Shakeology daily, which is an all natural, nutrient-dense meal replacement we  use on the go. Even though Jimmy had been lifting weights for quite a while and was competing in amateur bodybuilding, he gained flexibility, strength, speed and endurance. It helped me (K) lean out and get more strength and power. Plus, as a trainer I realized it was a viable, affordable solution I could offer people who didn’t want a gym membership or didn’t want or need personal training.  People noticed our progress and quite frankly we couldn’t stop telling people about it.

And that’s how our journey, which now includes other programs you are probably familiar with (Insanity, BodyBeast, TurboFire, Les Mills PUMP, etc.) with Beachbody got started. But it’s a business right? Yes! How awesome is that, to be compensated for helping other people achieve their fitness goals? The business end of it has not only helped support our household but it’s helped us be able to do more and more toward helping others.

So here’s the question again – Have you ever considered doing what we do?

We’re looking for like-minded, passionate people to join our team. If you would like to set up some time for a question and answer session with one of us, just contact us to set up a time. We’d love to talk to you about using your talents and abilities to help other people via this business!


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