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You’ve heard us say that great coaches usually have a coach of their own. You may already be on your fitness journey or perhaps you have a strong fitness history. On top of that, you are motivated. But maybe you could use a little extra push or some direction at this phase. We always find that no matter where we are on our journey we can use some coaching and accountability. That’s what our Fit Life Coaching program is all about. 

Here’s what we do in Fit Life Coaching:

Our Fit Life Coaching is structured in monthly increments. To get started we’ll work with you via interview and some paperwork to gather all the information needed to help determine your baseline, or current level of fitness. This may include information on health, lifestyle and nutrition history to physical measurements such as circumference measurements, body fat testing and fitness assessments. We will also evaluate what you may have been doing in terms of training and nutrition strategies. From there we will work with you to determine YOUR goals and next steps. A workout program, training schedule and nutrition strategy will be designed specifically for you, with your input, along with strategies on supportive healthy habits. We will then schedule an in-person or virtual training sessions to review your entire program with you, and teach you any moves as indicated.  You will do the work on your own, and each week we will conduct progress checks. During this time we can answer questions and troubleshoot issues. At the beginning of each month we’ll do progress assessments and adjust your programs and strategies as needed. This will also include new goal setting.

How to get started with Fit Life Coaching:

Does this sound like something you could use? We thought so! Just contact us! We can send you information on options, fees and a coaching agreement. We currently offer Fit Life Coaching locally and virtually.

We understand that life flows in phases, so we offer our Home Fitness option too. Check it out here:

Home Fitness with J

Home Fitness with K

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