10 Tips for Success with the Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset KitI am starting the Ultimate Reset this week, and since I have done it before, I thought I would share my top 10 tips for having success with this plan. I also plan to share my journey here on the blog and any additional tips I come up with this go-round. Here they are!

1. Set your start date for about a week or more after your kit is to arrive.

This will give you time to get your kit, go through everything, do your prep work, shop for groceries and connect with your coach for questions and additional information.

2. When you get your kit, read your entire booklet front to back.

You will find a ton of information in there, and once you’ve started is not the time to read it for the first time. Many of the questions you may have pop up are answered in this book. It will help you get started right.

3. Set up a spot to keep all your Ultimate Reset supplies.

The first time I used a basket on my kitchen cabinet for everything to be in one spot. Now I am a bit more mobile and I use a carry caddy just because it’s easier to move around.

4. Log on to the Ultimate Reset website with your Team Beachbody username and password that you used to purchase the kit.

This will log you onto the participant portal, where you can print shopping lists, find the recipe information and other additional information for support during the reset.

5. Print and mark your shopping lists.

Go through the booklet and read the recipes for phase 1. This way you can mark each item for which day you will need it. For instance, if there is some produce you need, but not until day 5 or 7, you may not want to buy it before starting Day 1. I found that going to the grocery a couple of times a week for produce helped me keep fresh items without wasting anything. One easy way to break up the shopping is to review your pantry and fridge and see what you already have. Take a trip to buy your non-perishable staples like spices, oils, etc. Then get your produce right before you start. Be sure to note that while you will have three different lists, one for each phase, the first list for week 1 will  have items marked that are actually the amount you will need for the entire reset.

6. Prep your produce as soon as you buy it. 

If you bring home things like salad greens, bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, etc., the best thing you can do is set aside some time to prep your veggies – wash, peel, chop, whatever you need to do to them. It will be much easier if you are hungry or in a hurry when fixing your food if all the prep work is already done.

7. Be open-minded.

There will be foods on this reset that you will already know you don’t like. My best advice is to try them. The recipes are tasty and you might be surprised. Don’t be a wienie – be brave and try it! If you absolutely know you can’t eat a certain food for any reason, talk with your coach about how to substitute and still get the nutrients you need. Then come back here and tell me if you like beets, because I think they taste like clods of dirt. Also, you won’t be working out (exercise) the way you may be used to for the entire 3 weeks. Walking, restorative yoga, stretching are recommended. Other than that, you need to calm down and let your workouts be internal for a few weeks.

8. Pay attention to the water requirements.

There are tips in the booklet on how to set up your water for each day. The point is, you are going to want and need to drink much more water than you are probably used to on this reset.

9. Get focused.

Before you start, it’s more than just getting all the supplies together. It’s a mindset for 21 days. Look at your schedule and don’t even try to do this during travel. Keep your schedule as clear and easy as you possibly can. Don’t be afraid to say no. Take a bath, take a walk, take a nap, take 15 minutes to breathe deep. You are going to need this, it’s all part of the process.

10. Make notes about your experience.

It’s a great idea to keep a journal. Here is what happened with me the first time – I had headaches the first few days and joint aches about mid way through the first week. I felt tired too. After that, I had energy, clarity, focus. I got a LOT of things done instead of snacking or being on the couch. I got rid of some negative emotions. I learned to love epsom salt baths. I took naps. I dropped weight. My taste for foods I thought I wanted totally changed. I slept like a rock. I learned that I wouldn’t die if I didn’t workout for 3 weeks. I did deep breathing for the first time ever.

Have you done the Ultimate Reset? What are your best tips? Share them with us!

If you haven’t done the reset and would like more information, just let me know.

Why should I do a reset?

Stress ManTell me if any of this describes you right now:

Tired, distracted, a bit apathetic, stressed, unfocused, fat, bloated, achy, unattractive, burned out, unhappy, full of carbs, irregular, crash and burn, dragging, sleepy, irritable, angry, blue, depressed, anxious, poor attitude, critical, cranky, behind on everything, out of control, weak, out of breath, unsociable, people make me crazy, impossible to please, jealous, bitter, poor judgment, risky, just don’t care, need help!!

Do you realize that how you eat and care for yourself is impacting every single one of these things? If you are feeling any of this, doing a reset can be life-changing. I’m not talking about a crazy Hollywood style lemon juice, cayenne pepper, pooping for days kind of cleanse. I’m talking about a high nutrient, tender loving care kind of reset to refocus and change your life.

I am embarking on one beginning Wednesday May 6, 2015. Just like you, I know all the stuff – eat clean, don’t eat too much, cut out sugar, lift weights, do some interval training, get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, drink lots of water, breathe, etc. Knowing it and doing it are two different things! One of the greatest tips I ever read was this – even coaches need coaches. Because I need to get myself out of it essentially, I need some coaching. So I am going to be doing a very specific, laid out plan and kit, called the Ultimate Reset. This is the same kit I used when I did this in July 2012 with outstanding results and refocus. It completely changed how I viewed food, cooking, exercise and caring for myself.

I will be blogging about my journey for the 21 days that are specific to the plan. If you would like to join me at any point in time, please let me know. I’m happy to pay it forward and coach you through it!


My Insanity Stats

Not how many days I've been crazy, just my numbers from doing the workout program!

I got some killer performance results (for me) when I did Insanity last year. You might remember that I had just lost my Dad, and I can tell you that it was a really hard time in my life. I worked through a lot of grief in my home gym, leaving sweat and tears on the floor. There were days that I cussed straight through the warm-up. To some people, these numbers would be no big deal. To me, they ARE a big deal. I wasn’t an athlete in high school. I was in pom long before it was so gymnastic-based. I wasted a decade of my life when I wasn’t in the gym AT ALL. So for someone like me to be doing power jumps in my own home gym, well, in my mind it was nothing short of amazing.

I just ran across my fit test paper and realized I never posted these numbers, so here they are! I will confess that I still had to take more recovery seconds than the people on the video, even at the final fit test. I’m in competition with myself, right?
Each move was done for 1 minute!

Switch Kicks

Fit Test #1 – 27

Final Fit Test – 57

These are a beast, and while I can do them, I certainly didn’t master them! But that’s okay. Still my nemesis, but I will conquer you!!

Power Jacks

Fit Test #1 – 34

Final Fit Test – 55

I actually like these now. Sort of. Feel the burn!!

Power Knees

Fit Test #1 – 66

Final Fit Test – 108

Oh yeah! But here’s a tip – switch knees. You lose a few hundredths of a second but it’s worth it, because Power Jumps are next!

Power Jumps

Fit Test #1 – 20

Final Fit Test – 35

This was a HUGE improvement for me – I was doing them in batches, and I feel like in terms of form and getting some air, this was my best improvement.

Globe Jumps

Fit Test #1 – 6 rounds

Final Fit Test – 10 rounds

This seems like very little improvement – but each “round” as I call it equals 4 jumps. So I went from 24  total jumps to 40 total jumps!

Suicide Jumps

Fit Test #1 – 14

Final Fit Test – 15

I have no explanation for this. It was the hardest thing to me. I think where it falls in the fit test was super hard for me. I’d like to see this number improve. For those who might not be able to envision this, it’s like a burpee without a push-up. I’ll be honest, I have a real love-hate relationship with these!

Push-up Jacks

Fit Test #1 – 14

Final Fit Test – 18

I was so tired here. But I really like this move, and my form greatly improved! Not bad after 2011 being my bad-elbow year!

Low Plank Oblique

Fit Test #1 – 16 each side

Final Fit Test – 31 each side

I was able to build speed and strength without sacrificing form. This is another move I actually like!

So there you go. I started this program the day after we buried my Dad. I turned 47 years old in the middle of it, and I had a few days where I did 2 workouts in one day to stay on schedule and complete it by my target date. I did not sacrifice form and I paused that DVD when I needed to! I got to give Shaun T a big hug at our coach summit and tell him that I graduated but didn’t master it. Oh yeah! the other thing that happened with this was that my resting heart rate dropped about by about 10 bpm, from 68 to 58.
I’m saying all of this to you because I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment after this. If I can do this, you can do what you set your mind to. It was, by far, the hardest workout program I’ve ever done.

What goals do you have for yourself this year? What are you working on? I’d love to hear all about it!!

12 Cool Ways to Reward Yourself

Have you accomplished a fitness or nutrition goal? Congratulations! You need to celebrate!

There is no victory is too small. Since many fitness and health related goals involve losing weight, building muscle, improving performance, getting off of medications, better lab results, etc., rewarding yourself with food probably isn’t the best answer. Instead, reward yourself with something longer lasting, or that makes you really happy, or something you can share with others or even that helps you push toward your next goal.


Here are some ideas!

Go get a massage.

Have a fun movie night with friends (it can even be at home!).

Buy a new top or shorts for working out.

Update your running shoes.

Add a new piece of equipment for your gym (even used things are still new to you!).

Take a day for yourself to do something adventurous.

Take photos – it’s amazing how you can change over time with consistent effort.

Post your results on social media – you’ll get a positive response and may inspire others!

Find a way to pay it forward – help someone else do what you just did.

Add a new gadget to your kitchen that makes clean eating easier.

Schedule some me time & use it to do whatever relaxes you.

Take a nap!

What are some ways you reward yourself when you’ve accomplished a goal? 

Living the Fit Life is a Journey

I’m inspired.

Today I did skin caliper measurements on a guy who has been working very hard. Not for the last 6 or 8 weeks. For months now. He has worked his way to 5.2% body fat. He was at 7.2 back in January.

Whoa, you might say – who walks around like that? Not very many people, and it’s not for everyone. He’s an amateur bodybuilder in his very early thirties. He may or may not stay there, depending on what ends up being his best look, and the healthiest for him. But that’s not really the point.

The point is pushing forward with consistency.

This guy is clear on his goals, both long and short term, and yet he’s not afraid to adjust them when necessary. He’s methodical and deliberate with what he eats and how he trains, but he’s open to ideas. He’s not afraid to try something new or to seek advice and coaching. He’s curious and educates himself. He weighs out what makes sense for him, and incorporates the best ideas and the best coaching into his regime. Sometimes things work well, sometimes they need to be adjusted, and probably some things just don’t work. He’s aiming for solid muscle mass, leanness, not carrying any extra fat his body doesn’t need, being in good shape for the competition stage at prejudging, but also to maintain and continue improving all year.

You know, a fit life is not a single 30, 60, or 90 day program. It’s not just making it to vacation to wear that swimsuit. It’s not that dress for the class reunion. It’s not just being able to be confident to take your shirt off at the beach and be the buffest guy there. All those things are great, if they are milestones within a bigger journey, if they are the fun things that highlight a much deeper reason why.

The journey is every day. Every choice, every bite, every bit of movement. Do you want to move better, function better, sleep better? Move without pain or limitation? Just be able to stand on one leg to get your underwear or your socks on without falling over? Be able to get dressed without changing clothes 5 times trying to figure out what makes you look less fat? Keep up with your kids or grandkids? Have more mental clarity, be more energetic, better than yesterday? This is the stuff that life is made of. The only way you will get there is to make consistent, deliberate, conscious choices that promote your health and well-being, not dysfunction and disease.

Do it for yourself and those who love you. Make up your mind, set your course and be methodical and consistent with it. Push forward! Compete with yourself, not some picture of a swimsuit model on your fridge. Decide how you want to live, and remember that small changes add up to big results over time!