meet j&k

Jimmy and Kelley Moore

After years of raising a family and building careers, Jimmy and Kelley (commonly known as J&K!) realized fitness and optimal nutrition had not been a part of their plan. With some weight to lose and goals to meet, they began a new fitness journey that led them down a path of weight/fat loss, increased strength and energy, healthy eating and an overall healthier lifestyle through training and balanced nutrition. They will both tell you that their most serious motivation was sparked right before their first grandchild was born – now they have four! J&K believe living well is truly taking care of ALL that God provides for us – a journey of mind, body and spirit in which every choice counts – not just a one-time event or phase of life. They challenge each other daily to live fit by making conscious, deliberate choices about activity levels, exercise, eating and taking care of their bodies. Along the way they realized that so many people are on this journey too, and may be struggling. In their support of each other and love of people they began sharing everything they were learning and helping as many people as possible, so j&kFITNESS was born!

Jimmy’s Story

After participating in school and church sports into adulthood, I hit a period of time of inactivity in terms of deliberate exercise. My work as a homebuilder could be very physical at times, but I did not have an exercise plan at home or in a gym. While I did not seem to overeat on most occasions, my food choices included a lot of fried or processed foods; whatever was quick or easy to cook. Several years ago I decided to get back into the gym. One of the best things I did was get with a trainer early on. I was an influence in getting Kelley back in the gym and encouraging her to also work with a trainer. Eventually she was an influence on me in changing my eating habits. I slowly began making changes, starting first with eliminating fried food. One change led to another and now between strategic exercise and eating clean I am in the best shape of my life. I began competing in amateur bodybuilding just before my 59th birthday, which has been a great avenue for me to share my love of fitness and faith. I’m now training others and at 65 years old I’m living proof that it is never too late to get started!

Kelley’s Story

As a kid I loved riding my bike, climbing trees and playing kickball. High school included the dance squad and my first intro into weight lifting. Fast forward and by the mid-eighties I was an aerobics queen. Somehow though my activity level in the form of true exercise took a back seat with nursing school, marriage, kids and life in general. After a bout of weight loss in my late twenties, I regained my weight in my thirties. At this time I was in a rewarding but extremely stressful job and Jimmy encouraged me to get back into the gym. He was going, so why not? It proved fabulous for stress relief and building muscle, but it wasn’t until I was 40 years old, diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and had my first grandchild on the way that I really cleaned up my eating and began to see my desired results. Once that happened there was no turning back for me. Using my healthcare background as a foundation, I began learning everything I could. Why are we not focused on wellness instead of illness as a society? I started a fitness and nutrition blog and obtained my certification as a personal trainer from the NSCA. Now I’m a total fat-loss, muscle-building warrior, making strides each day in my own journey and helping others to do the same!